In August last year, the slope of the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Regent, Sierra Leone, collapsed, killing over a thousand people and leaving many more orphaned and homeless.What caused this catastrophe? Was it a “natural disaster”, the result of bad governance or something else? Could it have been prevented and has anything changed since? Most importantly, what does it have to teach us about our rapidly changing world?

On November 28th we will host a London fundraiser to explore these questions. It will be a chance for like-minded people to discuss the environmental crisis engulfing the beautiful and historic African capital of Freetown – a crisis that contributed to the landslide itself.

The evening will include the screening of documentary films about Sierra Leone’s environmental issues, performances by Sierra Leonean artists and Sierra Leonean street food, followed by drinks and discussion. A more complete programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

Last year our emergency fundraiser raised money for children who lost not only their homes and families in the landslide, but also the opportunity to continue their educations. You can learn more about what was achieved here.

We want to continue that support. Funds raised will continue the education of children orphaned by the disaster and will be managed by the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, who have been working in affected communities for more than twenty years.