Volunteer Coordinator - November 2021

Volunteer Position – Tacugama Volunteer Coordinator

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary requires a volunteer coordinator to manage our volunteer program.

We need your expertise:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • A People Person
  • Organisation
  • Self-motivation and initiative
  • Excellent English


This position is unpaid and voluntary.

A minimum of 2 working days per week is required.

A minimum of one day a week working from the sanctuary is required. Sanctuary is located close to Regent Town (half an hour away from Freetown)

A minimum commitment for one year.


Be a part of our team!

See attached posting for more details.

Send your CV and Cover Letter to:

Vet Assistant - November 2021

Job Posting – Tacugama Veterinary Assistant 2021

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary requires an VET ASSISTANT/ ANIMAL WELFARE COORDINATOR to support the Animal Health and Welfare Manager (Resident Vet).


• Fluent in English.

• Have a recognized university degree in Veterinary Medicine.

• A minimum of one year of experience working with wildlife (Sanctuary, Zoos, rescue centre). Attach two letters of recommendation specifying work with wildlife (internal medicine, clinical, laboratory, positive reinforcement or enrichment) verifiable.

• Preferably with knowledge and some experience with primates (Great apes).

• Demonstrated some experience in clinical parameters (vital signs), basic anaesthesia, basic pathology, sampling (through lectures, diploma courses with accompanying certificates).

• Demonstrated experience in team management and ability to inspire and motivate others.

• Be willing to live in relatively basic conditions.

• Enjoy working with others to develop their knowledge and skills in personal and working life.

• Be an honest, energetic person, willing to learn, to put medical knowledge into practice, to provide solutions to medical problems, being able to implement treatments.


The animal welfare coordinator is responsible for the daily health and welfare of the 106 resident Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus), located in the sanctuary.

You will also be coordinating the activities of the care staff, organic waste management, enrichment area, proper cleaning of the dens and enclosures, daily diet provided to the chimpanzees, among other activities.

• Observation and general management of chimpanzee health following standard operating procedures (Daily Sanctuary Rounds).

• Responses to identified health problems may include dispensing medication.

• Assist in the implementation of disease prevention measures and emergency medical care.

• Assist in health checks and close monitoring of newly rescued chimpanzees in quarantine (deworming, vaccination). Help to perform basic pathology (postmortem examination procedures and sample collection).

• Basic laboratory activities (faecal sampling, blood rapid test).

• Fill in and maintain daily data records (Excel document).

• Help with the ongoing disease research based on the work of several predecessors.

• Help with weekly capacity building.

• Health and zoonotic disease prevention.

• Monitor chimpanzee diet and nutrition (quantity and elements offered in the diet).

• Maintain stock of medical supplies (medicines and consumables).

• Be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the enrichment programme, with enterprising and safe ideas to apply to the resident chimpanzees.

• Monthly enrichment reports to the director/manager.

• Support during additional sanctuary events and activities if possible.

• Care for other sanctuary species (duiker, civets).

• Monitoring the quality of the chimpanzee drinking water (water treatment).

• Monitoring the enclosures – dens and chimpanzee related facilities.

• Conduct weekly medical rounds with the resident veterinarian to discuss clinical cases, best therapeutic options and possible management.


This is a full-time, six (6) day a week position. One-year contract with possibility of extension. After the first year of work the sanctuary will provide a ticket to your home country.


The sanctuary will offer accommodation in a single room, sharing the social areas (bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room). Additionally, a meal per day (African lunch) will be provided, you must prepare your own breakfast and dinner.


You must cover your travel costs to get to Sierra Leone, also the first three months you will be on a training period which will be unpaid, you must pay for it yourself, after the three months of training the monthly payment of $300.

If you meet the above mentioned requirements and you are interested in the job position please send your CV, two verifiable letters of recommendation and an intention letter to: