Giving Day for Apes 2019 happened on the 15th October. We would like to thank everyone for their very generous donations that helped us raise  $12,585. You can still donate via the Chimpanzee guardianship programme which is detailed below.

2019 was a remarkable year for us. Not only did we receive a visit from world’s most famous primatologist Jane Goodall, but the government announced – during Jane’s stay with us – the chimpanzee as Sierra Leone’s national animal and new face of tourism. Huge news, both for our sanctuary which now has 93 chimps, and for the country’s development.

Jane Goodall at Tacugama

But change does not happen overnight. The greatest threats – habitat loss, the illegal trade and bushmeat hunting are still driving our closest relatives to extinction. Despite Tacugama’s successful sensitization and outreach efforts, baby orphaned chimpanzees continue to arrive at our doorstep.

In this video our director and founder explains that why Tacugama does not only rescues and rehabilitates chimpanzees, but also helps to address the wider issues



Become a Chimpanzee Guardian

For your continued or new support we would like to offer you to be the guardian of one of 11 chimpanzees that represent all western chimpanzees of Sierra Leone starting from the new permanent price of $60 and in the re-launch of our sponsorship programme to become a ‘CHIMPANZEE GUARDIAN’ you will receive:

  • A digital adoption certificate
  • Full chimp biography and regular updates on your sponsored chimp
  • Free annual admission pass to the sanctuary
  • 10% discount when you stay in one of the Tacugama eco-lodges
  • Monthly newsletter about all our activities at Tacugama

The candidates

11 of the Tacugama chimpanzees are open for adoption: Caesar, Fifo, Jackson, Jackie, Flavour, Mortes, Chica, Somebody & Someone, Perry, Woron and Sonia.
Can’t wait to meet them?
Watch the story of the rescue of Jackson and take a look in the posters below where you can see our candidates.

Our Goal

60 dollars – that’s only 5 USD/month for an adoption of one of our Chimpanzees for 1 year!

All the money raised for adoptions and all your other donations, big and small, go directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees.

How to become a Guardian

Please go to to make your donation.

From the entire Tacugama Team – especially the chimps,
Thank you!!

Caesar Adoption program

Fifo Adoption program

Woron Adoption poster

Sonia Adoption program

Perry Adoption program

Mortes Adoption program

Jackson Adoption program

Flavour Adoption program

Chica Adoption program

Jackie poster