Monthly Archives: February 2020

19 Feb

Budapest to Freetown!

Update: Valasi has arrived in Freetown with the Budapest-Bamako rally and is donating his car to Tacugama bringing awareness about chimpanzee conservation in every country along the way! The Budapest-Bamako rally is one of the largest amateur rallies in the world. Due to instability in the last 5 years, the destinations have varies from Bamako to Banjul, Guinea-Bissau and this year, Freetown is featured as the final destination. We are so happy Valasi and his team made it safe and sound! Here...

10 Feb

A Birthday Surprise

“A few words.. As I scribble this little note a smile tickles my face, and nostalgic memories of an incredible birthday celebration enables me to put pen to paper and hopefully be able to share the moment with others, that they may too look at arranging unforgettable and original activities, ones like Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone can provide. The sanctuary is an incredible place, it is silent whilst noisy, green with jungle and vines, brown with red dust and...