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Tacugama team publishes in Nature Communications

We are proud to announce that Tacugama has been featured in a scientific publication in the esteemed journal Nature Communications!!! We are also excited to come one step closer to solving a 15-year long mystery. Published February 3, 2021, titled “A Sarcina bacterium linked to lethal disease in sanctuary chimpanzees in Sierra Leone”.Some Tacugama chimpanzees have been experiencing a fatal mystery illness syndrome since...


Press Release – Sunday Foundation

Sierra Leone – The NetherlandsNovember 20, 2020Sierra Leone’s Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Dutch Sunday Foundation combine forces to protect human and wildlife shared natural habitat: the rainforests of Sierra leone.November 2020 marks the start of an unique collaboration between Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and the Sunday Foundation to educate and strengthen both urban and rural communities of Sierra Leone to preserve...


Giving Day 2020

Giving Day for Apes (GDFA) is a worldwide fundraising contest between accredited sanctuaries for apes in America, Asia and Africa. We have a whole month to raise as many funds and as much awareness as possible for our closest relatives. Our goal this year is to gain at least 375 new guardianships to cover the daily care of our 96 chimpanzees....


2021 Calendar

Tacugama is excited to release our first fundraising calendar for 2021. We hope that 2021 will be a much more uplifting year for all of us, after the difficult times in 2020, and hope to share some daily joy with all of our supporters from the wonderful images in this calendar. All proceeds will go to sustaining Tacugama’s ongoing programmes. Please visit


April Challenge

A difficult month lies ahead but we must all stay strong, sane and try to do something good to make a difference. By participating in our ‘April Challenge’ you will be helping to make a difference for the Tacugama chimps! Check out the details on our flyer. A couple of suggestions on how you can set up your own campaign is through the...


2020 Update on COVID-19

As the number of new confirmed cases of the COVID-19, grows worldwide there are high chances that the virus will reach Sierra Leone at any moment with some cases confirmed in the neighbouring countries of Liberia and Guinea. It is very challenging for the sanctuary as an institution at the forefront of its work of animal welfare and conservation to encounter...