2021 Tacugama Calendar

Tacugama is excited to launch our new 2021 Calendar!


All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go directly to Tacugama programmes.

Calendar size: 8″x10″


We appreciate all the support!

A message from SOS Primates

The main reason SOS Primates was founded was to help the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre, as two of our organisation’s founders had links with this centre at different times, collaborating on various projects in situ.

We’ve shown you on countless occasions how much we want to be able to help other rehabilitation centres and primate sanctuaries, as the conservation of their species is a global issue which exists across all continents where endangered species live, threatened as a result of human impact.
For this reason, the 2021 SOS Primates Calendar is based on the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone, which is currently in a difficult position due to the coronavirus outbreak as a result of the cancellation of all its activities (guided tours, ecolodge stays and volunteer placements among others). These activities help to fund more than 50% of the sanctuary operations, and now they are receiving no income through these programmes.
To help them, all the funds raised through the sale of this calendar will be sent to the sanctuary. We have designed and prepared it with great care, and we hope you like it. This is new not only for the centre being represented, but also for us, as the calendar is bilingual, in order to globally expand our area of outreach so our support can have a greater impact.
Tacugama will use the donations for the care of the 96 resident chimpanzees, with this being a project of three teams, the third being the “Associació d’Amics de Tacugama”.
We hope to be able to increase the number of primate rehabilitation centres each year with our support from the calendar.

You can order yours above! The price is inclusive of the calendar and shipping.

Please visit SOS Primates to learn more about our work: