Jutta Phillip

Since 2014, when my husband and I visited Tacugama and spent 10 days in one of the beautiful Eco-Lodges, Tacugama is very close to our hearts. In 2017 I came back as a volunteer and had an exciting, exceptional, amazing and wonderful time.

I helped with the education programme assisting 90 pupils who watched films about poaching, participated in various quizzes about nature, and of course a sanctuary tour. It was marvellous to see how interested and well-informed the kids are!!

My favourite activity was conducting behavioural observations a group of young chimps to learn more about the group dynamics and assist with future group integrations.

The staff are indeed wonderful people, passionate about their work, very friendly and very helpful! They truly make you feel at home.

Bala, the captain, steering his ark through any storm (civil war, Ebola, mudslides) without losing course – is an inspiration.

I will come back!!!

Jutta Phillip
Jutta Phillip

Volunteer, Germany