Dr. Alejandra Romero
Resident Veterinarian & Assistant Camp Manager

Dr. Alejandra is originally from Bogotá, Colombia, having undertaken her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) at La Salle University. Keen to learn how to care for more than just domestic animals, she moved to Mexico to expand her knowledge and studied towards a specialization in ‘Internal Medicine of Wildlife and Exotic Pets’ at the National Autonomous University, Mexico City. Moreover, she also completed a diploma in anaesthesia and chemical restriction of wildlife. Overall, our resident veterinarian has dedicated 9 years towards her education, enabling her to obtain a comprehensive understanding in caring for a variety of animals and their safe anaesthesia. Although Alejandra had some experience working with great apes and other primates before arriving at Tacugama in December 2019 – working in zoos and animal hospitals - this is the first time she has worked full time at a sanctuary with chimpanzees. On top of conducting regular check-ups of our resident chimpanzees (ensuring both their physical and mental health), screening and integrating all of our new arrivals, carrying out medical operations and managing the carestaff routines, Alejandra is driven to keep learning and perfecting her veterinary skills. It is the sense of teamwork and team spirit that our resident vet says she is most grateful for here at Tacugama, however, she laments the fact that law enforcement for the capture of chimpanzees is still lacking in Sierra Leone, and is astounded by the number of new baby orphans we received during her first year! She hopes to be able to not only make a change to the lives of the captive chimps at the sanctuary, but also to the lives of those lucky enough to remain in the wild.