We are proud to announce that Tacugama has been featured in a scientific publication in the esteemed journal Nature Communications!!!

We are also excited to come one step closer to solving a 15-year long mystery.

Published February 3, 2021, titled “A Sarcina bacterium linked to lethal disease in sanctuary chimpanzees in Sierra Leone”.

Some Tacugama chimpanzees have been experiencing a fatal mystery illness syndrome since 2005, and despite the efforts of many veterinarians and experts in various fields, we have still not found a definitive cause. However, thanks to the team led by Dr. Tony Goldberg and his lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in conjunction with a team of Tacugama veterinarians, we were able to isolate a novel species of bacterium, Sarcina troglodytae, which is highly correlated to the affected chimpanzees. This is the first major finding in over 15 years of investigations, and the first publication on this topic since this process began 5 years ago.

We would like to thank all those involved in this work and the publication:

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Thanks to this incredible work, Tacugama has also been featured in press around the world, including the New York Times in print and online. Some of the major articles can be found below:


The paper is open access and can be found below. It can also be downloaded at: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-21012-x

A <i>Sarcina</i> bacterium linked to lethal disease in sanctuary chimpanzees in Sierra Leone