Open-donation for Environmental Education Campaign

Open-donation for Environmental Education Campaign

10 USD = 1 FREE book for a school child in Sierra Leone.

100% of your donation will go towards environmental education in Sierra Leone, to schools
that cannot afford to buy the books themselves. This includes printing new books and
teacher manuals (different books for different levels), training teacher(s), and distributing
the books.




Tacugama Kids Environmental Education Programme aims to increase sensitization and environmental awareness in primary and secondary schools, and give students the life skills to solve the environmental issues of the future.

Currently, our environmental education program involves 56 schools and over 2500 children to teach them about the importance of forests, water, health & sanitation and wildlife conservation. We prioritize working with rural schools in smaller communities that have traditionally used the forest reserve to support their livelihoods.

In 2021, part of Tacugama’s Environmental education programme was officially integrated into the national education curriculum in Sierra Leone!

Change starts with KIDS!