World Ranger’s Day – July 31st – Show your support

World Ranger’s Day – July 31st – Show your support

Join us in celebrating and supporting our rangers on this year’s World Ranger’s Day.

Any contribution, big or small, will help with their patrols, monitoring and law enforcement tasks for the rangers of Loma Mountains National Parks, protecting the home of 1200 wild chimpanzees, one of the highest concentrations of wild chimps in Western Africa

This whole week we are fundraising until July 31st – World Ranger’s Day. And we aim to raise USD 4000 for:

– Tents – Sleeping bags – sleeping mats – head torches – backpacks – compasses, and more)

Make your contribution here!


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Rangers play a crucial role in the conservation of the environment and in the protection of wildlife around the world. They survey, monitor, patrol and protect our protected areas and the biodiversity within them, and also play a big part in the inclusion of the local communities to be able to find, together, sustainable solutions to our shared problems.

For World Ranger Day 2022 we aim to raise USD 4,000 to cover the necessary equipment our rangers need to expand the scope of their patrols and ensure the survival of the roughly 1,200 chimpanzees estimated to remain in Loma Mountains National Park.