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About Mama P.
Mama P started working for Tacugama as a cook, but quickly moved into the animal welfare department where she is now the head surrogate mother for all the rescue chimpanzees we unfortunately receive. For close to 20 years, Mama P has dedicated her life to caring for these little ones from morning to night. Although Mama P’s efforts have been recognized in the past, being nominated as PASA’s care staff of the year and having been featured in different documentaries and features, finally we are pleased to announce that Mama P is starring in her own children’s book “Mama P: Chimpanzee Champion”, written by Diane Toomey and Deborah R. Meyer, with illustrations by Henry Ezeokeke.

Buy 1 book = 1 FREE book for a school child in Sierra Leone.

100% of the book sale will go towards environmental education in Sierra Leone, to schools that cannot afford to buy the books themselves. This includes printing new books and teacher manuals (different books for different levels), training teacher(s), and distributing books. When you purchase 1 Mama P Book you are contributing towards boosting Tacugama's environmental education efforts in Sierra Leone.

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Buy 1 book = 1 FREE book for a school child in Sierra Leone.

Tacugama has a new kid’s book! It is called: Mama P, Chimpanzee champion. It is about our valued surrogate mother called, Posseh Kamara, better known as Mama P!

This book aims to create awareness about endangered great apes, educate children about chimpanzees and their similarities to humans, and inspire young people to undertake action for the survival of chimpanzees. It’s the perfect book for a young reader to learn more about
great apes, or just for anyone wanting a glimpse into the working life at a rescue centre.

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