Giving Day for Apes (GDFA) is a worldwide fundraising contest between accredited sanctuaries for apes in America, Asia and Africa.
We have a whole month to raise as many funds and as much awareness as possible for our closest relatives. Our goal this year is to gain at least 375 new guardianships to cover the daily care of our 96 chimpanzees. With your support we can win big prizes on Giving Day on October 13, and all donations coming in from today until October 13 on the platform will count towards Giving Day incentive awards.

Your support, through direct donations and fundraising will determine how incentive funds are awarded by the hosts of this event: the Arcus Foundation and the Global Federal of Animal Sanctuaries.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is celebrating 25 years and it’s a great opportunity to look back and witness that care and love can go a long way. Everything we do starts with the chimps and transition into wildlife conservation, research, environmental education, ecotourism, advocacy, law enforcement and sustainable community development.

However, habitat loss and illegal bushmeat hunting – are still driving our closest relatives to extinction. The western chimpanzee, Sierra Leone’s National Animal, is in high risk of becoming extinct and is listed as one of the most endangered primates in the world. Despite Tacugama’s conservation efforts orphans continue to arrive at our doorstep. So far in 2020, the Sanctuary has received 7 baby chimpanzees.

The last arrival, Pizarro, was found with an infected penetrating wound on his right wrist, caused when he got trapped in a snare, also he was very traumatized due to the severe abuse he went through. Fortunately, after receiving dedicated care from our vet and care staff he is back on his feet!

Baby Chimps like Pizarro that were brought to Tacugama in such pitiful states but are now strong and healthy and even some of them are so special that became ambassadors for all the species in Sierra Leone.

You can actively support the rehabilitation of those chimps by becoming a guardian to one of the ambassadors for only $60 a year. You can also be part of Tacugama’s mission by donating as much as you wish to support the resident chimps and Tacugama conservation efforts to protect the critically endangered Western chimpanzee in Sierra Leone and their habitat. Donating during the month of Giving Day for Apes will help Tacugama Chimpanzees Sanctuary to receive more for every donation you make!


Our goal is to gain at least 375 new guardianships. All funds raised from guardianships and all your other donations, big and small, go directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees at our sanctuary and to sustain our conservation and education projects aimed at protecting chimps in the wild.

Already a guardian? Renew your guardianship and bring in a friend or a family member!!