On April 23, 2006 a group of 31 chimpanzees escaped from Tacugama. In the following two weeks after the escape, 21 chimpanzees returned, of which 19 had done so of their own will. After two months, 26 of of the 31 were back. There was a lapse of another three months before we were able to bring back one more adult chimp, Ole. Until today, four chimpanzees remain at large: Bruno, Abi, Toko, & Charlie Boy.
By the end of 2006, new enclosures were built for the new arrivals and Tacugama was home to 85 endangered orphan chimpanzees.

In 2006 our community support programs gathered momentum. The Regent primary school received books and stationery. Clothing, shoes and various relief supplies were distributed as far as Kailahun village, 500 km east of Freetown.