As the number of new confirmed cases of the COVID-19, grows worldwide there are high chances that the virus will reach Sierra Leone at any moment with some cases confirmed in the neighbouring countries of Liberia and Guinea.

It is very challenging for the sanctuary as an institution at the forefront of its work of animal welfare and conservation to encounter this significant world health issue. We still have no fundamental understanding of how the virus could affect the chimpanzees and are consequently implementing appropriate prevention measurements and care to protect the resident sanctuary chimpanzees’ population and the staff working close to them.

For these reasons we have made the decision to close the sanctuary, therefore ecolodges, sanctuary tours, forest hikes and events will not be available until further notice.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Please consider donating to our COVID-19 relief fund to help us get through this difficult time and ensure we can continue to care for the chimps despite Sierra Leone being in a lockdown.