Western Area Peninsula National Park Patrolling 

Tacugama is situated within the newly upgraded Western Area Peninsular National Park (WAPNP) and has a permanent team who patrol the area that surrounds the sanctuary (2013). Due to its proximity to the capital, Freetown, WAPNP suffers from tremendous pressures on the forest through encroachment for housing, fuel wood, bush meat and farmland. All these activities have a profound effect on the wild chimpanzees still present in the area through the gradual destruction of the remaining forest habitat and increased in human wildlife conflict.

Tacugama is home to many unique species of flora and fauna and we feel as it is part of our job to protect both the flora and fauna, as well as the irreplaceable ecosystem services the area serves for the greater Freetown. Since 2012, 3 illegal charcoal pits have been dismantled, 146 snares have been recovered and 19 shot-gun cartridge shell in our current range of patrol. Without the presence of our patrol team, the habitat may not be as well preserved as it is today!


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