Tacugama has worked with local communities in order to educate and increase awareness about the threats to chimpanzees and other local wildlife. Through education, we hope to provide sustainable solutions to the dangers facing these animals.
Tacugama Kids Programme 
The education project first started in 2007 and runs throughout the academic year. The project reached a maximum of  17 rural schools providing environmental science lessons and aiming to foster an understanding of natural and conversational issues. The sanctuary employs a local education coordinator who is responsible for running the program. Overseas volunteers are also involved in the project, to bring new ideas and provide feedback to the teaching methods of the local teachers.

Please look at our volunteering page if you are interested in helping us.

Tacugama Tree Nursery
Early 2009 saw the start of the Tacugama Tree Nursery. The nursery is located in an area between the sanctuary and Freetown. The city is rapidly encroaching the countryside, with many houses being built but very few utilizing the land to grow produce. The nursery contains a few hundred seedlings, including mango and guava trees, and will provide some fruits for the sanctuary at the same time generating local employment. Ultimately, we wish to demonstrate the potential for successful small-scale plantations thus encouraging local villagers to plant for themselves.

We have now combined the Tacugama Tree Nursery program with the Kids program to teach children the importance of trees and how to plant their own trees. We distribute seedlings in each school and visit the schools to check on the progress of their trees.

Hope School 

Tacugama, in partnership with ISAT (International Security Advisory Team) helped relocate a local voluntary school of 400 students from a very inadequately sized building under construction to the nearby community centre. ISAT provided funding for 80 benches and tables along with 400 uniforms. The pupils started their next term in the new school. Read about the Hope School opening in 2009.


Community Distribution 

With generous support from Astreus Airlines and Gatwick Airport, Tacugama has received many donations from the UK, including clothes, books, stationary and medical supplies. Donations are distributed among rural villages across the country.

Tacugama FC
Unemployment rates among the youth in local communities are very high, and often those unemployed look for income in illegal practices such as poaching from the local forest reserves. It is important that they are provided with alternatives and community support programs go a long way to complement our own efforts. The youth came up with a brilliant idea to keep the boys busy, by launching the Tacugama Football Club.

Unfortunately due to lack of a full time manager, the club had to be dissolved. We are currently looking for managers to help organise and coach a team.
Please look at our volunteering page if you are interested in helping us.