Our primary aim is to rescue and rehabilitate chimpanzees, integrate them into a large family and then release them back into the wild. However, with the alarming rate of deforestation and increase in population in the western peninsula, releasing the chimps into the wild is getting increasingly difficult. With this in mind, our focus is increasing to a number of social and environmental initiatives working with and supporting local and national communities so that we do not receive orphaned chimps.

Chimp Rehabilitation

The sanctuary was started as a home for orphaned chimps where they can be looked after and where they are prepared for a life in their natural habitat. This will always be the motto of Tacugama. However, over time we have realised that the root cause of the problem is not the orphan chimps but the lack of education about conservation. We are working in conjunction with WHH and educating kids in schools about the importance of wildlife in preserving the ecosystem

Local Community Support

Tacugama plays an important role in ongoing development projects in surrounding communities. In 2006 the Sanctuary built and supplied a basic library for Regent Primary School and, with the support of Aviance (Gatwick Airport Ground Staff) and Kevin McPhilips Foundation, we distribute clothing, footwear, books and various relief items to communities in need on a continual basis.

Children’s Education in the Western Area Peninsula

Tacugama holds environmental education and sensitisation programss as a central tenant of our mandate. As part of our Education Programme, staff and volunteers visit schools and community centres and present workshops on subjects such as habitat conservation and environmental awareness. We also regularly host school groups in our resource centre at the sanctuary. We teach an environmental programme complementary to the national curriculum and establish Nature Clubs in every school we work with.

National Community Outreach

In 2006/7 we teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute to implement a joint Sierra Leone/Guinea public awareness campaign to fight against the poaching of chimpanzees in the region. In 2010 Tacugama established the Community Outreach Programme to extend work beyond the Western Area Peninsula, helping to safeguard the future of wild chimpanzee populations and stem the alarming rate of biodiversity loss in Sierra Leone. The programme currently works with communities throughout the Moyamba, Port Loko and Tonkolili districts, towards community-based conservation through the raising of awareness and the development of sustainable living. 

Additionally we are working with private organisations to implement better practices, which will ultimately help safeguard the precious biodiversity of Sierra Leone.

For more information please see the Community Outreach Programme page.
In 2003 a tree planting nursery and town bakery were constructed in the village of Regent. Seedlings and working tools were also provided to local farmers to support the
regions burgeoning agricultural industry. 
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