Landslide Relief

4 of the schools implementing Tacugama’s education programme (TKEEP) – Logos, R.E.C, Saio and Church of Christ, were greatly affected by the landslide that unfolded on August 14th. Tragedy struck harder at 2 of the schools, Logos and R.E.C., which combined lost over 40 students. In total, 60 kids perished and many more are still unaccounted for.

On Monday Nov 13th, we provided full scholarships to 44 orphaned TKEEP kids and we are committed to continue covering their school fees on an annual basis. In the next few weeks, we plan on helping 50 additional kids by providing them with shoes and school uniforms.

Thanks to everyone that donated, we couldn’t have done it without your generous contributions!

Summary of Donation Allocations
Daily Breakfast Provisions
Aug 15th– Sept 10th:
14,702,000 LE (1,960 USD)
Staff Burial Support & Relocation
Aug 31st:
5,300,000 LE (707 USD)
Relief Support – Orphan Scholarships
Nov 13th:
12,040,000 LE (1,605 USD)
Relief Support – Orphan School supplies
Nov 13th:
11,500,000 LE (1,533 USD)
–     50 School bags – 3,000,000 LE
–     50 Pair of shoes – 2,500,000 LE
–     100 School Uniforms – 6,000,000 LE
Refugee Camp Support
Nov 29th:
185,000 LE (25 USD)
–      2 Cartons Soap – 185,000 LE
–      25 Bags Bennimix (Milk Formula) – Donated
Total Spent: 43,727,000 (5,830 USD)

With the remaining budget, we intend to provide scholarships for orphans on an annual basis and are committed to foster long-term support to cover gaps in the system – including school/infrastructure repairs, school equipment and annual scholarships.

Jemina Sesay of Saio Primary School receiving her scholarship from the Regent Village Headwoman
Ethel, our Communications and Education coordinator, with R. E. C. Primary School scholarship recipients
Logos Primary School scholarship recipients
Church of Christ Primary School scholarship recipients