Adopting a chimpanzee is a unique way to support Tacugama’s work and can make a great gift for family and friends. 

It costs almost US$1500 a year to take care of each chimpanzee at the sanctuary 
– to feed them a balanced healthy diet, ensure they get skilled care from our staff, and that their home is safe, sound and well maintained.

For US$80 your sponsorship will contribute towards your chimp's daily care for one year 

Sponsor Benefits:

All the money raised through our adoption scheme goes directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees, that’s why we don’t offer to send you gift-wrapped soft toys or framed glossy photographs. We’ll send you an adoption certificate by post and keep you in touch with how your sponsored chimp is progressing through our online members' area.  This is what's included in Tacugama's adoption programme for one year:

    • An adoption certificate sent as a PDF via email (to help us save on postage costs).
    • Full chimp biography and regular updates on your adopted chimp
    • Free annual admission pass to the sanctuary
    • 10% discount when you stay in one of the Tacugama eco-lodges


STEP 1 - Choose your chimp

See the list of our chimp ambassadors below

If you are sponsoring a chimp as a gift for someone else please have their email address available if possible 

STEP 2 - Make your payment

The PayPal payment screen will collect all the information that we need to process your adoption

Note - please enter card details of payer along with name and email address of the recipient (if different) in the payment screen


 Step 3 - Enjoy your adoption!

We'll email the sponsorship certificate to you or the recipient of your gift.


We have chosen these chimp ambassadors to represent all of those resident at the sanctuary. Please have a look at their short profiles below and select the one that you would like to adopt. We’ll make sure that your support is shared equally with all of our chimpanzees here!

JACKIE came to Tacugama in April 2017 after being found in a bathroom in a nearby village - weak, dehydrated and covered in loose stools. A boy named Abraham alerted us to her location after being enlightened by his school visit to Tacugama just one month prior. She has connected closely with her new Mama, and though initially refusing milk and food, she has discovered her love of cucumbers and mangos! With some supportive care, Jackie's first few weeks at Tacugama have brought out her personality, and she's even started taking some milk. We are confident she will make a full recovery and become an integral part of our Tacugama family!

CHICA was brought to Tacugama in February 2006 when she was one year old. A local man bought her from a poacher for $30 and kept her as a pet for four months until he heard that it is illegal to keep chimpanzees in captivity. He then decided to hand Chica over to the sanctuary. She is a very independent chimp and loves to play on her own with sticks and on the ropes. She gets along with everybody and stays away from trouble.

was owned by an officer of the United Nations peace keeping mission in Sierra Leone. After some significant difficulties in getting access to him, this high profile toddler was officially confiscated in August 2005. Living on UN rations, Kouze was in good health. He is fully integrated to one of our chimp groups. He is super smart and extremely agile!

PERRY is a young male who came to Tacugama in May 2011, from a family in Port Loko. Perry was in very bad shape when he arrived at Tacugama with multiple problems and weighing only 1.70kg. He had almost no hair on his body. We had doubts about his survival, but thanks to the hard work and care of our resident vet and Mama Posseh, he grew to 4.8kg by December '11 and began to grow hair all over his body. He has grown into a very confident happy chimp and has integrated well with the rest of the 'baby group', being quite the little leader.

was another tiny chimp when she came to Tacugama in April 2010, at around 8 months old.  She was temporarily cared for by an engineer from a mining company, who had confiscated Sarah when she was offered for sale at the mine site, while we made space for her at the sanctuary.  Sarah is a very lively young chimp who knows what she wants.  She is growing into a strong and caring personality.

SOMEBODY arrived in Tacugama in 2013. She is estimated to have been born in 2007. She had been kept as a pet for about 1.5 years but her owner decided to hand her in to Tacugama after he had visited the sanctuary. Somebody had been caught in a snare when caught in the wild. Her right hand has unfortunately suffered severe damage from the snare and only one finger is left.  Despite Somebody’s handicap, she is a very active chimpanzee, who loves to climb and swing on the ropes and to fish “termites” from the fake termite mound in the enclosure.