Upcoming Events


Yoga Retreat May 6-7 2017

We invite you to come to a relaxing yoga retreat with yoga instructor Michael Solis and enjoy the natural beauty in our peaceful sanctuary setting. All levels are welcome: both the experienced yogi and the beginner.

- 1 night's stay in our Eco-Lodges
- 3 Yoga classes
- Lunch & Dinner on Saturday (please advise if you are vegetarian or have any dietary requirements)
- Tour of the Sanctuary 
- Breakfast on Sunday

Bruno/Julie (assuming 2 people per lodge) $100 per person
Augusta (assuming 2 people per lodge) $120
Christo (assuming 4 people per lodge): $100 per person 
Mumma Lucy (assuming 2 people per lodge): $150 per person
Phillip (assuming 2 people per lodge): $150 per person

To Book:
This event is limited to 15 participants, so don't delay booking your space.
To reserve your place please send an email to info@tacugama.com or call 044625107 or 044625113 
Further information about the lodges can be found at http://www.tacugama.com/visit-tacugama/stay-overnight. Please let us know your yoga experience/standard. Also confirm whether you are vegetarian. 


Birds & Breakfast

Tacugama's next guided Birds and Breakfast walk will be on Saturday April 29, 2017.

Come and join our knowledgeable guides (who can inform you in English and Krio) for a gentle stroll in the Western Area rainforest and learn how to spot and identify the birdlife. We’ll be starting with a briefing from the guides at the Tacugama ecolodges at 7.15am with tea/coffee and biscuits. We'll be back at the sanctuary by 10.30am to serve you a tasty, fresh and filling breakfast.


Why not combine the walk with an overnight stay in one of our tranquil eco-lodges on Friday 28th of October? For lodge guests the additional cost of the birds and breakfast walk is just US$10 per person; if you're joining us just for the guided walk and breakfast the cost is US$30 per person. Reservations for the Birds & Breakfast walk should be made by Monday April 24. To book your place email info@tacugama.com or call 044 625107 or 044 625113.

For more information on the eco-lodges see: