Current Events

We have a number of events running throughout the year, to help with fundraising and to make the most of the beautiful setting and surroundings of Tacugama, as well as our space and facilities.

We hold Yoga Weekends, which accommodate up to 10 people to come and stay in the eco-lodges overnight. It offers a unique, special weekend of relaxation in the rainforest.

We also have special curry nights, catered for by our very own Bala Amarasekaran, (the director of Tacugama), which have proven to be very popular, and we will be continuing these throughout the year.

Birds and Breakfast is another event we cater for, allowing people to come to the sanctuary, and with the help of a local guide explore the local area and find out more about the birdlife on the peninsula, for more information please go to Birds and Breakfast.

Please contact to find out exact dates and timings of our events.