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An Illustrated Children’s Novel

In 2006 Bruno, an alpha male chimpanzee, escaped from the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone and disappeared into the forest, where he remains to this day. King Bruno tells this astonishing true story for readers of all ages.

Enchanting, moving and educational, King Bruno will appeal to young and old alike”
– Dr. Jane Goodall
King Bruno

You can make a world of difference to the chimpanzees of Tacugama by taking just a moment to make a donation. Your continued support will not only help us care for the wonderful animals here today and those that will need refuge in the future, but also contributes to the growth of our conservation and poverty alleviation programs across the country.

Donations to Tacugama are received on our behalf by our registered charities in the UK (Friends of Tacugama) and Spain (Associació Amics de Tacugama) and the full amounts donated come directly to the sanctuary after any applicable bank or processing fees may have been charged.

To send funds via wire transfer, please send us an email informing us of your transaction, and use the following information:

GBP £, by bank transfer payable to:

Friends of Tacugama
Barclays Bank, 114 Fenchurch St, London
Sort Code: 20-31-52
Account no: 33667243
IBAN: GB90 BARC 2031 5233 6672 43

Euro €, by bank transfer payable to:

Associació Amics de Tacugama
Account no: 1491 0001 21 2082515327
IBAN: ES48 1491 0001 2120 8251 5327

GBP (£) cheques can be made out to Friends of Tacugama and mailed to:

Friends of Tacugama
11 Foxes Close
Verwood, Dorset, UK
BH31 6JZ

About Friends of Tacugama

(Registered charity number 1153204)

Friends of Tacugama is a registered charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, through the promotion of animal welfare, environmental protection, and education.

About Associació Amics de Tacugama

(Registered charity number G65220394)

La Asociación Española Amigos de Tacugama/Associació Amics de Tacugama está formada por un conjunto de personas que directa o indirectamente han formado parte de los diferentes proyectos que desde el santuario se están llevado a cabo dentro del sector medioambiental, social y humanitario.

El objetivo de la asociación es promover las actividades desarrolladas por Tacugama en el territorio español a través de la sensibilización y la creación de una red de colaboración permanente, proporcionando un intercambio de conocimientos y experiencias relacionadas con la protección de la vida silvestre, el desarrollo local y la educación.