Birds & Breakfast

Sunrise Birdwatching & Heartwarming Breakfast

Spend a few hours on a guided hike into the Western Area Peninsula National Park, seeking out many birds only found in this area, at the best time of day to spot them. Return to Tacugama for a feast for the champions. Stay overnight to make your morning experience that much more enjoyable.
Held on the last Saturday of every month.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

All proceeds go directly to the chimpanzees and conservation programs.

Le 300,000 for Birds & Breakfast alone
Le 200,000 to add a Birds & Breakfast to an overnight stay

What’s included:
3-hour guided birdwatching hike
Buffet-style breakfast

1 night’s stay in our eco-lodges (optional)
Tour of the Sanctuary (included with overnight stay)
*Drinks are not included

LodgeFee (per night)
BrunoLe 1,000,000
JulieLe 1,000,000
AugustaLe 1,500,000
Mumma LucyLe 1,500,000
PhillipLe 1,500,000
ChristoLe 1,800,000

Is this suitable for all ages?

As birds are very sensitive to stimulus, young children are not recommended for the birdwatching activities for everyone’s enjoyment. The walk is approximately 3 hours, and so is recommended for those with the ability to endure a long hike through the forest.

What should I bring?

Bring some water, hiking shoes, insect repellent, and we’ll take care of the rest!

How many people usually join?

The event is limited to the first 15 people who sign up.

How do I reserve a spot?

Please e-mail us at and let us know the preference for the lodge you’d like to book and any dietary preferences you might have.